Neck-through 4 string bass build

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20th October 2008

A while ago, I bought a neck-through bass from a seller on Ebay. The bass was great...for a while, until its poor manufacture made it impossible to play. However, when it was still playable, it felt great. And I've always liked neck-through basses. Here we go!

The bass is going to be based on my faithful Ibanez SRX500, which is pretty much my dream bass. The necks on those Ibanezes are a joy to play. It feels like Ibanez design each bass just for me...I should really go and buy a neck-through Ibanez, but then where's the fun in that?

Before I start buying wood (or telling the missus that I'm going to start making a mess at home again), I need a plan. Here is the spec list:


Neck: 2 or 3 piece maple with ebony fingerboard. 24 jumbo frets. Graphite rods for added strength and stiffness. Truss rod (of course!). Tuners 2-a-side.

Body wings: mahogany. Body will be finished in white.

Pickups: not decided yet. MusicMan-style EMGs? EMG soapbars? It will probably be EMGs, with active electronics too and multiple sound possibilities.

Bridge: Badass II (black)

Hardware: black


The body and neck shape will be the same as my SRX500. I love this bass.


That's about it for now. This is the wrong time of year to be fiddling with this stuff. There's a high chance I won't do anything before the summer, when I'll have more time (no teaching, no university) and better weather (so I'll be less depressed!).


This project is on hold right now. Likely starting time is summer 2011, which is a LONG time to wait!!!

3rd July 2009

Also, I have made the switch from 4 to 5 strings...this project will go ahead, but as a five-string bass and not for a long while.