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Hype for Jamés Pedals:


F***in' awesome pedal !!!!!

says Per Önnerfält from the Stockholm band Wonderland about the Jamés Pedals Treble Booster.

News from Jamés Guitar Parts

August 2010

To celebrate the launch of the new Treble Boosters, we have moved to a new domain. This website will continue, but mostly as a source of info for guitar builders. Come and see us at www.jamespedals.com!

April 2010

It has been an interesting year, and now we are back! I have been forced to turn down work, such as fixing Boss pedals and the like. This will, sadly, be a permanent thing: no more fixing or modifying Boss pedals. Modifications to Crybaby wahs are still ok, though. But more importantly...


Oh yes. Newly updated versions are in the pipeline in limited numbers. The company is moving again, this time to Kumla in June/July 2010. To celebrate this move (to a better premises with more space), we are going to launch a special version of the Treble Booster in a different coloured box and with special components - such as a different germanium transistor (ie not the AC128 in there now). SCORE!!!

July 2009

The company has now officially moved to Örebro.
There will be a delay of a couple of weeks before everything can return to normal. Somewhere in late July sounds reasonable. No pedals will be made before then.
But do not despair! Ibanez SRX500 bass for sale [SOLD]! Fender 12-string acousticfor sale [SOLD]! Ikea flat-screen TV table thing for sale [SOLD]!

June 2009

We are moving! Things are going to be busy here for a while. No pedals will be built until middle of July, and there aren't any in stock at the moment either.
Looking for a hard rock/metal band in Örebro where I can play bass or rhythm guitar. Posers welcome. Nothing serious - only bar bands etc.

April 2009

My Marshall half-stack is up for sale. More info here. [SOLD]

March 2009

New guitar building service - check out the link for more info!

Treble Booster MkIII on the way.

February 2009

A couple of small updates.

Edwards Les Paul is for sale, as I bought a Gibson. Buy it buy it buy it! [now sold - thanks Kjell!]

January 2009

Happy New Year!

The new pedals are on their way, I promise!

I am considering selling my Edwards Les Paul copy. More info here [sold]

August 2008

- I've been rather busy with a new band...the Trebletastic Overdrive is going to be a bit delayed, but completely fab!

- The Valve Overdrive will also be delayed. Same reason!

- 100% cool building photoessays are now available. Check out the link to the left!

- Site now (mostly) available in English. I'll get to writing the individual pedal pages in English "in a minute".

- And I saved the best till last...Bass pedals! A new fuzz, specially voiced for bass, is on its way. Check out the link on the left for more info.


June 2008

- At last!!! The new Treble Booster is now available. It is now better, with a switch for more versatility. Still the same price! And now with soundclips!!!

- On its way!!! The new Trebletastic Overdrive - lots of treble and overdrive, with a JRC-4558D chip. Summar 2008.

- On its way!!! The new Valve Overdrive - overdrive with a 12AX7 valve. Summar / Autumn 2008.


Old news :

During 2005 and the first half of 2006, the site was closed. Certain makers of pedals objected to their products being sold here for less than what they themselves sold them for here in Sweden. These companies won't be named, so don't worry about that Boss. That was quite lame, especially as we sold their products legally (no grey imports), but what can you do?

Allow us to introduce...

In the end, it was a good thing. We are very proud to be able to present our own pedals - Jamés Pedals!

Jamés Pedals are "True Bypass" (see explanation below) and are made with components of the highest quality. And Jamés Pedals are made by a person - not a machine - and with love. And that's the truth!

What is True Bypass?

True Bypass is, I think, a good thing. What it means is that when the pedal is switched off, the signal goes straight past the pedal as if it weren't there. This means that the pedal's electronics do not "suck out" any of your guitar's tone when it is switched off. Is it all just marketing hype? Perhaps, but I buy it, so I make all the pedals here TB.

What are the pedals like ?

They are solid. Furthermore, each pedal has an "I shall fix it for free* if it breaks" guarantee, valid for two years.

How do they sound ?

They sound fantastic. But you do not need to trust me on that - listen to the soundclips. Each pedal will, eventually, have clips so you can hear how they are. In general, the pedals are old-school classics. That means that some of them are not the quietest pedals on the planet, but they have an honesty which is missing in modern pedals.

*Look at the FAQ for details on the guarantee.



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